Client Reviews

Excellent attorney

Jay is a terrific attorney, he represented me twice in the last three years for real estate transactions. Jay was extremly helpful and knowledgable he took the time to explain everything in detail. I felt very safe with Jay. He was very professional and always prompt in his response. Jay definitely looked out for my best interest. I have even recommended him to other family and friends and he has never let us down. I highly recommend Jay.

- Real Estate client (5 star review)

Mr. Young of Montebello NY

Professional, knowledgeable, My son and I have obtained Mr. Golland’s service many times, each time Mr. Golland gave us positive result.
Look no further….

- Thomas(5 star review)

Does evictions well

I am a landlord and am very satisfied with the end result of my eviction proceedings. He was able to get my tenants out in a timely matter. I have used Jay for a number of evictions already, and will use him again if the need arises.

- client(5 star review)

Great work!

I got two tickets out of state, one for speeding and one for cell phone use, and Jay Golland got both of them reduced to no point violations.

- client, (5 star review)

Outstanding work

Mr.Golland represented us in court and got a speeding ticket reduced to no-point violation. He was very professional. I highly recommend him.

- Viktor(5 star review)

Excellent Job

Got a speeding ticket which really was unfair. The officer gave completely inaccurate information. Jay represented me and was able to plea it down to parked on a curb with no points. He did a great job!

- client,(5 star review)

Easy Professional Experience

I got a speeding ticket in NY state, for going 68 in a 45. I researched, called, and emailed several lawyers. Chose Jay Golland and I’m happy with my choice. Gave me clear explanations of what I was facing, and a realistic outcome(no lofty guarantees). I did not have to go to court, he went for me and got the 6 pt ticket reduced down to 2 pts. This saved me the $300 DRA charge, plus the higher fines and reduce the amount my insurance may increase. Thanks Jay!

- Matt,(5 star review)